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On average more than 170,000 books are published annually in the U.S. Makes the task of keeping up with new titles seems overwhelming, doesn't it?

But now there's an easy way to be sure you don't miss out on the types of books you'd really like to read. It's our Good Reads free e-newsletter service. Just subscribe to as many e-newsletters as you'd like and you'll receive e-mail newsletters with brief descriptions of each title as well as links to the library's catalog so you can easily reserve titles of interest

Just three easy steps will get you on your way to receiving your Good Reads e-newsletters:
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Book Sizzle

Stay up-to-date on books in the media. From authors on the air to the latest tv/movie adaptations, you'll always know what's on with this monthly newsletter.

Books on the Air

An overview of talked-about books and authors. This weekly update, sent every Friday, provides descriptions of recent TV and radio appearances by authors and their recently released books.


Listen up for recommendations on the best in new audiobooks. Each month, you'll hear about new spoken-word audios to keep you entertained, enlightened and in-the-know.

Fiction Best Sellers

The top national bestsellers in hardcover fiction, updated and sent to your inbox weekly!

BookLetters Daily

Stay in the know -- sign up for this newsletter and receive a review of the "Book of the Day" each morning.

Nonfiction Best Sellers

The top national bestsellers in hardcover nonfiction, updated and sent to your inbox weekly!

Children's Chapter Books

Independent readers will appreciate these monthly recommendations on exciting new chapter books in fiction and nonfiction.

Children's Picture Books

A monthly preview of the best new books for budding readers. You will learn about sure-to-please choices for storytime.

Past and Present

Stay informed on the people, places and events that influence world ffairs. Every month, you will be directed to the best new books on current events, along with recommended memoirs, biographies and history titles.


From self-help and fitness to home decor, books designed to fit your active lifestyle and renew your spirit are featured here. This monthly newsletter will steer you toward the best new cookbooks,gardening guides, pet care manuals and more.


Get the lowdown on the hottest whodunits. Once a month, you'll receive updates on your favorite sleuths, forecasts of promising new mystery series and profiles of top writers in the world of crime fiction.

New Fiction

Stay informed on what's hot in fiction, from young sensations to established literary masters. Once a month, you'll get reviews of tomorrow's bestsellers, with selections in women's fiction, historical novels, suspense and more.

New Nonfiction

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and this newsletter will keep you updated on the newest nonfiction titles.

Science and Nature

Find out about cutting-edge discoveries and travel to exciting destinations. This monthly preview features the best new books in medicine, biology and the great outdoors.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Step into the future with reviews of new science fiction titles that will take you to brave new worlds. This monthly report also recommends rising stars in fantasy and alternate history.

Teen Scene

Take a sneak peek at the hottest new titles for young adults. From science fiction to romance, history to mystery, these monthly picks for teens offer something for every reader.


Enter the world of romance fiction, where love is always exciting and new. You can read reviews of the best new romance novels, from historical and contemporary love stories to romantic suspense and inspirational titles.

New DVDs

Receive updates of hot new DVDs on the shelves or scheduled for release in the near future.