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"Under the Never Sky" A New Trilogy "Hunger Games" Fans

Under the Never Sky

"The wasteland known as the Death Stop is a world away from the safe, sheltered community from which Aria was expelled, but to Peregrine, it's a brutal but familiar home. In this dystopian future, a stark division has grown between the Outsiders, whose senses have sharpened and who have descended into quasi-primitive tribal life, and those living in now-crumbling Pods in an almost exclusively virtual experience. Perry is one of the reasons Aria was expelled, and Aria may be the reason Perry's beloved nephew, Talon, was kidnapped. Needing one another to complete their tasks, though, they forge a cold partnership as they trek across a wilderness stricken with Aether strikes, cannibal attacks, and even more terrifying dangers. Fans of The Hunger Games (2008) will cheer Aria's gradual, warrior-like transformation over the course of the novel. Perry is an enigmatic figure whose past emerges slowly and whose strength of character is only amplified by his flaws." (Booklist, 2010).

Also look for the sequel now available!

Through the Evernight (2013)


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