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Use this form if you do not want to chat live with a librarian or if the chat service is not available.  The library will need your email address, mailing address, or telephone number to respond to your request.

When you are in the library, we advise that you work with the library staff rather than use the online service.  If you are not in the library, you may call our toll free Reference Line at 1-877-251-3300 during Loon Lake Library's operating hours to speak to a person or leave a message on the answering machine after hours.

We will make every effort to respond to your question within two working days of receiving it.  If you are outside of Stevens County, we will refer you to your local library for assistance.

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Describe in detail the question or problem to be searched. Be as complete and specific as possible. For example, don't ask for information on farming if what you really need is information about chicken farming. If you want information about raising chickens because your chickens are sick, tell us that too. If there are limitations to your question (like date or geographic location), be sure to let us know. For example, "I have the All-urban Consumer Price Index figures for Spokane for July-Dec.,1980. Do you have more recent figures?" Note: all questions are confidential.
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