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Libraries of Stevens County is now offering Verizon hotspots for checkout.  These hotspots provide internet access via a cellular network connection to your devices.

Library card users can check out a mobile hotspot for 28 days. These devices are intended to help county residents with limited or no internet access with connectivity and/or test coverage at their home for the Verizon network.

LOSC is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expense resulting from use or misuse of this device, nor information accessed or shared while using this device. Use of a hotspot constitutes an agreement to abide by the Electronic Information Access policy.

These devices and cellular service are made possible through CARES grants from Stevens County and Washington State Library to provide access in areas with limited resources and connectivity.

Device Information

The Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack is a pocket-sized device for internet on the go utilizing the Verizon cellular network. Connect up to eight devices simultaneously, from laptops to gaming systems to smartphones. The 10-hour battery provides ample time for browsing the web, checking email, and more! Place a hold in our catalog here!

How do I request a device?

Eligibility Requirements to checkout a hotspot include:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be a library card holder in good standing

Additionally, you:

    • may renew the device once for an additional two weeks  if no one is waiting
    • must return it by the due date. Any device not returned will have service suspended two days past the due date, rendering the device inoperable
    • can only check out one device per household/card
Device Instructions (included with device):

To connect a computer or mobile device to a hotspot:

  1. Press and hold the Power button until “Ellipsis Jetpack” appears on the display then release. Wait for “Verizon 4G LTE” screen to appear.
  2. Push the Power button to scroll through and view all the screens:
      1. Data Usage/ Data Remaining
      2. WiFi Network Name
      3. WiFi Network Password
      4. Troubleshooting URL
      5. Verizon Network Signal screen
  3. On your device (tablet, laptop, etc) go to the Wireless Network Settings. Select the Hotspot Network and enter the password.
  4. To test, launch a web browser then navigate to a website.
  5. Press and hold the Power button to turn off when not in use. To recharge, connect the charging cord to the bottom of the device and plug into a power source.

Verizon Jetpack Guide Information

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