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Start reading a bestseller, a new series, and more - on a Kindle!

Libraries of Stevens County is now offering Kindle Touch devices for checkout.  Each Kindle comes preloaded with content – perfect for the avid reader or those looking for new titles! We add content several times each year.

Library card users 18+ can check out a Kindle for 14 days. These devices are intended to:

  • help encourage technological experimentation,  exploration, and engagement without a retail obligation. 
  • entertainment and encouragement of author, series, and subject exploration

LOSC is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expense resulting from use or misuse of this device, nor information accessed or shared while using this device. Use of a hotspot constitutes an agreement to abide by the Electronic Information Access policy.

These devices were made possible through CARES grants from Stevens County to provide access in areas with limited resources and connectivity.

Device Information

The Kindle 10th Generation – 2019 release is a powerhouse for avid readers. This Kindle features:

  • storage for thousands of books
  • quick download speeds with no computer required
  • at-a-tap controls to highlight passages, look up definitions, or adjust font size and style
  • adjustable front light for night reading
  • portable -fits in one hand for easy reading
  • lightweight
  • long battery life – read for weeks on a single charge

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Kindle Guide (included in Kindle kit)

Kindle Guide:

Press the Power button until logo appears or hibernation screen appears. Swipe across the screen to unlock

  • The home screen will have Home and Library options at the bottom of the screen.
    • Home – generic landing page
    • Library – all books downloaded to this Kindle
  • Swiping from the top down (pull the arrow tab) will show Airplane Mode, Bluetooth settings, a Sync icon, and All Settings
    • Settings can help you adjust the screen brightness, find help guides, and more.
    • Please: do not add any profiles or personal information
  • Choose a book under Library and start reading!
    • Turn pages by tapping or swiping the right side of the screen (forward) or left (backward). Tapping in the top inch of the screen will bring up font options, table or contents, and bookmarks
  • Press and hold the Power button to turn off when not in use. The screen will default to a screensaver picture (hibernation mode) when pressed once or ask to turn off if held for five seconds.
Before you return this device, please:
  • Do not add/change settings or account information
  • Disconnect/forget any wireless networks you used


For help, click on the menu, then Settings, then Help & User Guides

  • Book already finished?
    • A previous user may have already read it. Tap in the top of the screen, choose the menu > contents > select the first section
  • Device requires software update
    • Please connect the device to wifi and allow the device to update. Power it off, then on to complete the update.
  • Device won’t turn on
    • Device may need to charge. Please use the charger in the case and gently connect. You may see a battery icon appear on the screen.

Note: Kindle Touch has a hibernation screen. You may need to push the power button once or swipe to get to the home screen


Other issue (not logged in/not operating): Please return the Kindle directly to library staff (or enclose a note in the kit regarding the problem so we can attempt to fix the issue.)

How do I request a device?

Eligibility Requirements to checkout a hotspot include:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be a library card holder in good standing

Additionally, you:

    • may renew the device once for an additional two weeks  if no one is waiting
    • must return it by the due date
    • can only check out one device per household/card

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