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Telemedicine Technology

Laptops available for curbside use (with Telemed capability)

Libraries of Stevens County currently offers Curbside Laptops. Patrons may use a laptop computer from a  library parking lot or outside seating area for up to one hour of use. Laptops are Telemedicine capable (Zoom, MyChart, and PDF Guides available on each device). Printing can be done from any laptop to the public printer at your branch. Printing is free up to ten pages per day. These devices are intended to help community members  with limited or no computer/internet access.

Telemedicine Kits available for long term checkout

Libraries of Stevens County also offers five Telemedicine Kits for long-term, as-needed checkout. Each kit contains a laptop, charging cord, mouse, mobile hotspot, and case. Patients requiring telemedicine appointments without access to technology are eligible for use. LOSC library card holders can checkout a kit for six weeks, with three 2- week renewals OR a kit can be adapted to a suggested length of time from a physician. A doctor’s letter, email, or phone call  is required demonstrating need for this service.

What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine is the ability to connect with a health professional through phone, videoconferencing, remote devices, and more. Check out this article from Costco Connection magazine on how it works, why it works, and best practices for a telehealth appointment .

What’s the difference? A Curbside Laptop has telemed capabilities, but functions as a normal laptop for office software and internet use. A Telemedicine Kit is for accessing health information and telehealth appointments only; hotspots may be limited to email, medical information/research and  telemed conferencing capabilities.

How do I reserve time with a curbside laptop?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Juvenile patrons may utilize laptops, but the responsible party must check it out. Permission can be established via phone call with the responsible party.
  • You must be a library card holder in good standing (current address & phone number verified; no fines totaling more than $6)
  • You must fill out a LOSC Loan Agreement Form each time you borrow a device

How do I request a Telemedicine Kit?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have a note from your physician OR emailed request to from your physician’s office
  • You must be a library card holder in good standing (current address & phone number verified; no fines totaling more than $6)
  • You must fill out a Telemedicine Agreement Form
  • You must be lacking technological access (no access to a computer and/or internet connection)
  • You must need ongoing, frequent physician checkups

Need internet access?

Sometimes, you just need a steady connection for your own device. Reserve a Verizon or AT&T  hotspot and connect anywhere with a cellular signal! 

Read about hotspots here:

Reserve a hotspot here:

These devices were made possible thanks to a Stevens County CARES grant to provide access and services in areas with limited resources and connectivity.

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