Trail Tales 2021

Trail Tales in the Colville National Forest

Looking for a new adventure in the outdoors, but unsure
where to start? The Colville National Forest and partner libraries in Northeast Washington, part of the Upper Columbia Children’s Forest, have teamed up to bring you Trail Tales.

Trail Tales is a fun and educational way for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors while also helping build children’s interest in reading. Pages of a book posted along the trail will take you
on an adventure physically and in your mind. Look for a new story at your nearest location each month from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Research shows that early language and literacy development are important for future success.

Trail Tales combines three critical elements for overall family health:

  1. early literacy learning,
  2. family engagement outdoors,
  3. and physical activity.

As families walk the trail, they can create new memories, appreciate the physiological benefits of being outside, and explore new areas. These trails were chosen with the express purpose of allowing the whole family to enjoy them together. 

Please note: Trail Tale rotations may be delayed due to wildfire, wildfire resource needs from the Forest Service staff, and staff availability. Thank you for your patience.

Where can I find these stories and trails?

Brought to you by a partnership of these organizations:

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