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Library Lockers

Locker Locations Available Now

To extend access and convenience, Libraries of Stevens County has placed library lockers for material pickup and returns throughout the county.

Hunters Public Library

Located in front of the building at 5014 Hunters Old School Rd Bldg #11, Hunters, WA 99137

Fruitland Service Station

Located in front of the store at 5369 WA-25, Fruitland, WA 99129

Gifford Post Office

Located in front of the post office at 3379 WA-25 S, Gifford, WA 99131

Loon Lake Library

Located at the entrance of library at 4008 Cedar Street, Loon Lake, WA 99148

Old Schoolhouse Trading Post

Located in front of the Old Schoolhouse Trading Post at 1372 North St, Addy.

Onion Creek General Store

Located in front of the general store at 2191 Onion Creek Rd, Colville, WA 99114

Northport Public Library

Located in front of the library at 521 Center Ave, Northport, WA 99157


SCFD13 Echo Ridge Fire Station

Located at the right entrance of the fire station at 1032 Williams Lake Road, Colville, WA 99114 *DO NOT BLOCK STATION DOORS

Town Hall - Springdale

Located in front of Springdale Town Hall at 206 N 2nd Street, Springdale, WA 99173


How does this work?

  1. Let your library know that you would like to pick up materials at a locker location.
  2. You can request up to 10 items per delivery. Place items on hold at with your library card number and PIN, through the MyLibro app, over the phone, or in person at any library.
  3. Wait for notification that your items are ready for pick up at your requested locker location.
  4. Go to the locker location. Find the locker with the first three initials of your last name and the first three initials of your first name   (ex. Roosevelt Bear = BEA, ROO).
  5. Enter “C”, then the last four digits of your library card number, then the Key button (ex: C -2-4-1-1 -Key).
  6. Retrieve bagged item(s).
  7. Close the locker and press Key to lock the door.

See locker locations below for a location near you!

Library Locker Rules of Use:

    • Library lockers can hold between 5-10 items per pickup. If your requested item(s) will not fit within a library locker, you may be contacted to pick-up your materials at your library location.
    • Items should be placed on hold through a library card number (either from our online catalog, in a library branch, through the MyLibro app, or over the phone) with the library locker location selected as the pickup location (ex: Locker – Gifford Post Office).
    • Be aware: you will need to let us know if you want materials delivered to a branch, need to cancel holds, or are unable to pick up your items.
    • These items will be pre-checked out to the requesting library user and available for pickup for seven days. If, after seven days, the items have not been picked up, your holds will be canceled and the items will be returned to the library.
    • Your privacy is important to us. All requested items will be placed in a bag.
    • Sorry, library backpack kits and technology for checkout are not able to be requested for locker pick up due to heat/cold exposure that can damage contents. Some oversized items may not fit in a locker for pickup.
    • If you are unable to pickup your requested items for any reason, please call your library.
    • All locker locations have an accompanying bookdrop for easy material returns.

Locker Locations Coming Soon

SCFD1 Station 3 Williams Mtn (Swenson Rd)


SCFD1 Station 6


Valley Market

Located in front of the general store at 3071 3rd Ave, Valley, WA 99181

These lockers were made possible through CARES grants from Stevens County to provide access in areas with limited resources and connectivity.

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