Brick Club

Join Matt as he creates and builds a Lego Zoo throughout the summer. Watch him build or even better, create your own! A new build will be featured every Friday from June 25 through August 27. Submit your zoo picture on our Facebook page post on August 27 to be entered to win a cool LEGO prize! 

This week's featured builds:

Zoo Block Party: Build Instructions

Click the creation you want to build to open a step-by-step PDF guide. Visit our YouTube channel to watch Matt build them, too!

June 25: Elephant

Step-by-step instructions to create this Tails and Tales friend!

June 25: Bleachers

Create a space for your zoo visitors to watch the elephants eat, play, and sleep.

July 2: Camel

Step-by-step instructions to create this Tails and Tales zoo friend!

July 2: Fence

Keep animals behind this sturdy fence for safety.

July 9: Giraffe

This tall zoo friend is ready for you to build him!

July 9: Tree

Create a shady spot for your zoo friends to take a break or munch some leaves.

July 16: Flamingo and Pond

Keep you balance as you build this graceful zoo friend in it's own pond

July 23: Gorilla

Make a happy or a grumpy gorilla friend

July 23: Enclosure

Keep your strong animal friend safe with this windowed enclosure

July 30: Lion and Sitting Rock

This mighty lion friend might need you give a good roar while building

July 30: Sitting Rock

Perch your lion friend on top of this high rock

Aug 6: Tide Pool

Visitors can stop by your zoo and gaze at our water friends in the tide pool

Aug 6: Starfish

Create a small bumpy friend for your tide pool

Aug 6: Hermit Crab

These fascinating small friends carry their home with them

Aug 6: Seahorse

Create a fun, snout-y friend with this seahorse

Aug 13: Butterfly

Create this winged friend and get creative with patterns and colors!

Aug 13: Flower

Create a soft landing pad for your insect friends

Aug 20: Monkey

This monkey is on the move and carries his lunch, too!

Aug 20: Climbing Wall

Make an obstacle course with this climbing wall for your energetic monkey friend

Aug 27: Ticket Booth

Make a place for visitors to get tickets into your incredible zoo creation

Aug 27: Zoo Entrance

Keep your zoo friends and visitors secure with this fun zoo entrance

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